Katie Anne Moy

Katie Anne Moy’s new acting headshots!  Worked with this beauty a year ago in Chicago, and here we are chasing light in California!  WooHoo!  Gotta say that the Cali light looks GREAT on her! :)

KatieAnneMoy_2014_MPeterson-101 katieanne1 KatieAnneMoy_2014_MPeterson-105 katieanne4 KatieAnneMoy_2014_MPeterson-110 KatieAnneMoy_2014_MPeterson-111 katieanne2 KatieAnneMoy_2014_MPeterson-121 katieanne3 KatieAnneMoy_2014_MPeterson-119

Actors think more with their hearts than with their heads. ~ William Esper


Bonnie Efird

I enjoyed meeting and working with Bonnie.  She is truly a go-getter and passionate about her acting and music.  I believe we have all the images we need for Bonnie to have a fruitful 2015 pilot season and plenty of photos for her upcoming music EP.  So proud of this beautiful and talented young person!

20141103_MP_0230bonnie2 20141103_MP_0275 20141108_MP_0417bonnie3 20141108_MP_0421-Edit20141108_MP_0361-Edit 20141108_MP_0353-Edit-Edit bonnie4 20141108_MP_0482bonnie5 20141108_MP_0542

Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone. //  Alicia Witt