ALASKA {2019}

ALASKA. Truly the last frontier.
And HOMER has my heart.

Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0043 Alaska_20190905_MariaPeterson001620191220_untitled_0319-2Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0037Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0049 20191220_untitled_0320-2 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0032 20191220_untitled_0322 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0063 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0008 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0011Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson000620191220_untitled_032020191220_untitled_0319Alaska_20190907_MPeterson0058 20191220_untitled_0319-3 Alaska_20190908_MPeterson0024

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.”
- Gustav Flaubert -



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