ALASKA {2019}

ALASKA. Truly the last frontier.
And HOMER has my heart.

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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.”
- Gustav Flaubert -



Paris, France

I ended my trip in France with spending the day in Paris. I learned the public transportation and got myself to the Eiffel Tower and later to the Notre Dame Cathedral…which is now closed and under construction. But while I was near the Eiffel Tower, I made a game at taking photos of the couples who were getting married that day. :) I didn’t expect to see this at all, but couples were all over the place that I couldn’t help myself since I had my equipment on me. I was being discreet taking these pictures and giggled the whole time. I find being a photographer for these couples in such a public place super stressful so maybe that’s why I was so happy because it wasn’t me! Lol  So now I can brag and say that I photographed six wedding couples in one day!!! :)  After all, Paris is the city of love!
Thank you, France…you are so magical and I’ll be back!

20191116_MP_0101-4 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0044 20191116_MP_0102 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0019 20191116_MP_0101-3 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0025 20191116_MP_0101 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0030 20191116_MP_0101-5 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson003220191116_MP_0102-2 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0010

What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second, their imagination, and third, their industry.
- Salman Rushdie -


Moustiers, France

A quaint little village South of France. Situated between two cliffs and there’s a beautiful waterfall in the center of the village. Probably the most important historical monument is the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Beauvoir; it takes 262 steps to get to the top to see the chapel but it is totally worth it and the view of the rooftops of Moustiers is quite breathtaking. I enjoyed an amazing croissant and hot chocolate in one of the coffee shops and we bought snacks from a beautiful pastry shop. It was a quick little visit after running in the lavender fields in Valensole, but I’m super glad I saw this quaint little village with my own eyes. P.S. Thanks to my friend, Claire, for the middle picture… 7th photo from the top. :)France_20190622_MariaPeterson0173 France_20190622_MariaPeterson0161 France_20190622_MariaPeterson015820190703_untitled_0001-220190703_untitled_0001France_20190622_MariaPeterson019520190703_untitled_0002-2France_20190622_MariaPeterson019620190703_untitled_0002France_20190622_MariaPeterson018320190703_untitled_0002-320190703_untitled_0001-420190703_untitled_0001-5 France_20190622_MariaPeterson0200

Who lives sees, but who travels sees more. – Anonymous


Lavandes Angelvin, France

My favorite way of learning geography is through traveling. It was truly a beautiful experience to arrive at the lavender field by 5AM to wait for the sunrise; and I will never forget the smell of lavender the second we opened the car’s door. These are the things that remain in your bones forever.France_20190622_MariaPeterson0011 France_20190622_MariaPeterson0008 France_20190622_MariaPeterson0014 France_20190622_MariaPeterson0019

“True humility is born out of an awesomeness of God’s greatness, grows in a heart full of gratitude,

and matures in the awe of His passionate love for us.”


Cassis, France

Such a cute little town with such cool vibes on the Mediterranean Sea. And my first time swimming in the Mediterranean Sea too. Mind-blown.

France_20190621_MariaPeterson0005France_20190621_MariaPeterson0008 20190628_untitled_0001 France_20190621_MariaPeterson001520190628_untitled_0003France_20190621_MariaPeterson0086France_20190621_MariaPeterson001720190629_untitled_0003 20190628_untitled_0002France_20190621_MariaPeterson0028 20190629_untitled_000420190621_untitled_0002France_20190621_MariaPeterson0081 20190629_untitled_0001 France_20190621_MariaPeterson0065 France_20190621_MariaPeterson0088 France_20190621_MariaPeterson0091 France_20190621_MariaPeterson0094 France_20190621_MariaPeterson0097

“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Anderson