Birthday of Baby Emilia

The way God put these parents on my path was amazing.  After learning that Michael and Leslie wanted maternity and newborn photos, one thing led to another, and I became the doula at the birth of their first baby.  They wanted a natural birth with no drugs or unnecessary interventions, and because of my experience as a certified doula and having all four of my babies naturally at home, I joined them at Central DuPage Hospital.  Emilia came into the world in a calm and peaceful manner and Leslie gave birth beautifully. I’m grateful we have these photos to remind them of the miracle of birth.  It was truly amazing!

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Birthday of Baby Selah

I’m very happy and humbled to share these photos.  I was invited by Matt and Valerie to document Selah’s birth, and because of my background of doing doula work for five years, I was up for the task.  Giving birth is hard work and it’s the only time in your life that you have no control over your body.  I was in awe of how hard Valerie worked and how helpful and compassionate Matt was toward her.  It was emotional at times for me and I had to keep my emotions in check.  Valerie wanted a natural birth and did a lot of research.  And even with all the preparations, it was a fight the whole way for her to get what she wanted.  I do believe it was a learning experience more than anything, and I’m confident that Matt and Valerie might do their birth a little different next time.

And because I’m not much of a writer and I would like for my images to tell a story more than anything else, I invite you to peruse through these photos.  My prayer is that Selah will look back on these images and will know that her parents loved each other deeply and they worked incredibly hard at bringing her into the world.  God gets ALL the glory!