Maddox Elijah

Baby Maddox makes them a family of four! And in a lifestyle newborn photo shoot like this, the toddler makes everything unpredictable and definitely interesting…but always sweet, raw, and real. I adore this family!20160803_MP_0100-2

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Nothing beats unconditional love.


L E X I E {Newborn}

This little precious waited for longer than she had to for me to come home from traveling and take her newborn photos. I broke it up in several sessions. Here she is 18 days old, first time in front of my camera, and still a newborn. This first session was more like a lifestyle where I wanted to capture how small she is…how much her mama loves her…and how much her big brother adores her!AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-122

AlexisSanew_2015_MPeterson-105AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-160 AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-172 AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-182AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-127

There is nothing that compares to a love of a Mom for her newborn. Nothing.