Corrine Anderson

Oh.My.Word. This is one beautiful child. I’m seriously in love with her face…

20150818_MP_0102 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-143 20150818_MP_0103 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-148 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-162 20150818_MP_0104 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-18220150818_MP_0105 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-19320150818_MP_0101 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-104 20150818_MP_0100-2 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-108 20150818_MP_0100-3 20150818_MP_0101-2Anderson_2015_MPeterson-252 20150818_MP_0106 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-228 20150818_MP_0101-3 20150818_MP_0100-4 Anderson_2015_MPeterson-233

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.


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