Dane Valor {6 Months}

I did maternity photos when Dane’s mom was pregnant with him…that’s when I first met this family. Then I did some photos of him when he was about two/three months. And here he is at six/seven months! So much fun for me to see a family grow and observe the love and adoration they have for one another…especially love and adoration from the big brother! :)

20150809_MP_0195 20150809_MP_0199 20150809_MP_0202 20150809_MP_0207 20150809_MP_0211 20150809_MP_021020150809_MP_0233 20150809_MP_0238 20150809_MP_021820150809_MP_0309 20150809_MP_0293 20150809_MP_0322 20150821_MP_0100-2 20150809_MP_028220150809_MP_0264 20150809_MP_0266

“Love is not blind. Love sees what is most true.”


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