Jasmine + Dwight {Maternity}

I did their engagement photos, wedding, and now five years later, I can’t believe it but I’m doing their maternity photos on Malibu Beach, California! Isn’t life grand? :) I can always count on Jasmine and Dwight to be intentional about everything and time spent with them is always refreshing and I walk away with deep things to think about. I love these two with all my heart and I cannot wait to meet their little baby!! So thankful for a career where I have clients that become such dear friends and we share life together in such profound ways…

PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-120PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-11920151212_MP_0100 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-103PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-113 20151212_MP_0100-3PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-146PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-14720151212_MP_0100-4 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-149 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-150PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-152 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-155 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-153 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-129PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-123PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-157 20151212_MP_0100-5 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-159PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-162 20151212_MP_0100-6 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-166 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-163 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-164PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-135 20151212_MP_0100-2 PenkeyMaternity_2015_MPeterson-128

A grand adventure is about to begin! ~ Winnie the Pooh


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