Key West, Florida

“When I get to heaven, I’m sure there will be a beach attached to it.”KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-18

2022-02-18_0001 KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-17KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-142022-02-18_0002 KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-412022-02-24_0001 KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-45KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-60KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-78KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-81KeyWest_20220124_MPeterson-86

//Key West, Florida – Home of the Sunset//

So glad I got to be here. The only place I know where people gather to celebrate the sun setting every evening. :) Very cool.


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