l i l y + l i a m {almost one}

Tomorrow, February 12, 2014, the twins will turn ONE!  They have brought so much love and joy to my heart…it’s been such an unexpected surprise.  I wanted to capture them doing what they do best on their last day before their First Birthday:  playing, fighting, laughing, crying, giving love…being the cutest things on this planet.  These two completely captured my heart.

20140211_MP_0107 20140211_MP_0109 20140211_MP_0122 20140211_MP_0105 20140211_MP_0137 20140211_MP_0148 20140211_MP_0149 20140211_MP_0131 20140211_MP_0133 20140211_MP_014020140211_MP_0128 20140211_MP_0129 20140211_MP_0166 20140211_MP_0167 20140211_MP_0164 20140211_MP_0168 20140211_MP_0169 20140211_MP_0170 20140211_MP_0172 20140211_MP_0173 20140211_MP_0175 20140211_MP_017720140211_MP_0193 20140211_MP_0195 20140211_MP_0199 20140211_MP_0216 20140211_MP_0221 20140211_MP_0242 20140211_MP_0224 20140211_MP_0250 20140211_MP_0251 20140211_MP_0258 20140211_MP_0273 20140211_MP_0277 20140211_MP_0280 20140211_MP_0282

GAH!!!  LOVE them!


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