L O T T I E (FirstTwelveMonths)

I was so honored to be the photographer at Lottie’s birth and then was able to watch her grow in her first year. There are 13 photos here…chronologically represent birth and the first twelve months of life. I call this The Joy Project. :)


Lottie1Mos_20161219_MPeterson-12-2 Lottie2mos_2017_MPeterson0008 Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-40 Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-33 Lottie5Mos_20170429_MPeterson-18 Lottie6Mos_2017_MariaPeterson0034 Lottie7Months_20170707_MPeterson-45 Lottie8Mos_20170822_MPeterson-10 Lottie9Mos_2017_MariaPeterson0063 Lottie10Mos_2017_MariaPeterson0012 Lottie11Mos_2017_MariaPeterson0010 Lottie12Mos_2017_MariaPeterson0011

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.”


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