Lisa + Macario {Engagement Session}

God put on my path two of the most beautiful hearts.  Cannot wait to do their wedding!

20130630_MP_0119 20130630_MP_0122-Edit 20130630_MP_0110L&M5 20130630_MP_0253 20130630_MP_0194 20130630_MP_0163 20130630_MP_0162 20130630_MP_0186 20130630_MP_0198 20130630_MP_0227 L&M1 20130630_MP_0158-2 20130630_MP_0313 20130630_MP_0337 20130630_MP_0346 20130630_MP_0343-Edit 20130630_MP_0369 20130630_MP_0372 20130630_MP_035020130630_MP_0364-Edit20150912_MP_0100-5 20130630_MP_0280 20130630_MP_0141-2 20130630_MP_0130-2 20130630_MP_0135-2

“In you, I’ve found the love of my life and my closet, truest friend.”


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