Maddox Elijah

Baby Maddox makes them a family of four! And in a lifestyle newborn photo shoot like this, the toddler makes everything unpredictable and definitely interesting…but always sweet, raw, and real. I adore this family!20160803_MP_0100-2

20160715_MP_0166 20160715_MP_0172 20160715_MP_0175 20160715_MP_018720160803_MP_010320160715_MP_0275 20160715_MP_0286 20160715_MP_0282 20160715_MP_0178 20160715_MP_0181 20160715_MP_018320160803_MP_010020160715_MP_0235 20160715_MP_0224 20160715_MP_0100 20160715_MP_025520160803_MP_010120160803_MP_010220160715_MP_032120160715_MP_0332 20160715_MP_031120160715_MP_0298

Nothing beats unconditional love.


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