Mortensen {Maternity}

I am so excited for the Mortensen family! They are moments away from going from a family of three to family of four! I can’t imagine anything more JOYful.

Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-1020161118_untitled_0005 Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-22016-11-19_0001 20161118_untitled_0004 Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-21 Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-26 20161118_untitled_0003Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-55Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-6520161118_untitled_0001-420161118_untitled_0002 20161118_untitled_0001Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-88

“There is such a special sweetness in being ale to participate in creation.” ~ Pamela S. Nadav


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