NYC {the city that truly never sleeps}

Last month,  I had an opportunity to travel to  NYC for work and pleasure.  I can’t tell you how much it blessed my heart to experience new things and being spoiled rotten by my little brother. :)  Love this city.  What you see here are images from Union Square, Central Park, the subway, and bits and pieces of the quaint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

P.S.  If you’re in Brooklyn, my favorite pick for a restaurant is Chavela’s!  Voted best 10 Mexican restaurants and I promise you won’t be disappointed!  And if you’re looking for a church to visit, I can’t say enough about The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church with Jim Cymbala as pastor. :)
20140419_MP_0134-220140417_MP_0111 20140419_MP_0137-2 20140419_MP_0136-2 20140419_MP_0138-2 20140419_MP_0145-2 20140419_MP_0147-2 20140419_MP_0155-2 20140419_MP_0148-2 20140419_MP_0152-2 20140419_MP_0150-2 20140419_MP_0144-2 20140419_MP_0163-2 20140419_MP_0161-2 20140419_MP_0156-2 20140419_MP_0158-2 20140419_MP_0164-2 20140419_MP_0165-2 20140419_MP_0115-2 20140419_MP_0110-2 20140419_MP_0112-2 20140419_MP_0100-2 20140418_MP_012520140418_MP_010920140418_MP_012620140417_MP_011020140418_MP_025220140418_MP_030420140418_MP_0104 20140417_MP_0112 20140423_MP_0101“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see. ” ~ Chinese Proverb


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