Ronsaren+Sopath {Wedding}

Don’t know how it happens, but I end up working with the most beautiful and selfless couples! I will always smile looking back at these photographic gems and remembering how the day unfolded for this precious couple. Continue to cling to the Lord. Love never fails.

20150117_MP_0151 20150117_MP_0161 20150117_MP_016320150117_MP_020320150117_MP_0109-5 20150117_MP_0104-3 20150208_MP_010220150117_MP_0130-2 20150208_MP_0105 20150208_MP_010420150117_MP_0104-2 20150208_MP_010320150117_MP_011320150117_MP_0114 20150117_MP_0102 20150117_MP_0197-2-220150117_MP_0100-320150117_MP_0112-4 20150117_MP_0108 20150117_MP_0142-320150117_MP_0159-320150209_MP_0100 20150117_MP_0109-220150117_MP_0100-520150117_MP_0173-220150117_MP_0195-5 20150117_MP_0192-5 20150117_MP_0190-5 20150117_MP_0244-2 20150117_MP_0250-220150117_MP_0253-2 20150117_MP_0254-220150209_MP_0100-220150117_MP_025720150117_MP_0260 20150117_MP_0261 20150117_MP_0262 20150117_MP_026420150117_MP_010020150117_MP_026820150117_MP_0277 20150117_MP_028420150117_MP_0286 20150117_MP_029520150117_MP_030720150117_MP_031020150117_MP_0298-2 20150117_MP_0312 20150117_MP_0319-2

“Therefore what God has joined together let not man separate.”

Congratulations, Ronsaren + Sopath! May God bless you richly as you serve Him in your marriage! Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. xo.


One thought on “Ronsaren+Sopath {Wedding}

  1. hi maria,

    i really love all the pictures, especially the last one. i would like it in color too when you send me the pictures. actually, all the pictures that you make into black and white, i would like the color version of them too.

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