Sabastian Neudeck

So incredibly proud of this one! He packed his car and moved from a small town in Illinois to pursue an acting/modeling career in California! As of September 1st, he is signed with RAGE MODELS & TALENT for theatrical, commercial, and print! One of the most confident and determined humans I’ve ever met! And I LOVE all these (and more) photos we created together! Doors are gonna OPEN!!!

20170914_untitled_0003 SabastianNeudeck_20170808_MPeterson-220170914_untitled_0004 SabastianNeudeck_20170808_MPeterson-1620170808_untitled_0169 20170914_untitled_0001-2SabastianNeudeck_20170808_MPeterson-26 20170915_untitled_0001 20170915_untitled_0001-2 20170808_untitled_0102-220170914_untitled_0002 20170914_untitled_0001SabastianNeudeck_20170808_MPeterson-40

    “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anais Nin


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