Marcia Dansky {Sculptor}

Good Morning! Last week, I had an opportunity to follow Marcia Dansky to her work place and photographed her art pieces at an art gallery in Boulder City, Nevada. Most are one-of-a-kind pieces, and once they are gone, they’re gone! It was such a pleasure spending time with Marcia; I love hearing stories and experience the passion and joy from another artist. If you are in Boulder City, Nevada, be sure to stop by the Boulder City Art Gallery & Gift Shop and look for Marcia’s work!

MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-102 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-101 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-105 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-108 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-111MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-125 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-126 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-131 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-12920150809_MP_0100 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-115 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-121 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-117 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-133 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-148 MarciaDansky_2015_MPeterson-144

Sculptor: Marcia Dansky

“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.”