Hawaii {Ka’ena Point State Park}

I was blessed enough to join Sherri, Bert, Bella, Chloe, and Christian in this majestic place in Oahu, Hawaii. So blessed that I stuffed my eyes with all this beauty…even if it was only for a few hours.

Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-118 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-120 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-121 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-133Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-139 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-142 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-128 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-156 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-162 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-153 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-138
Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-170 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-178Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-181 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-19420170803_untitled_0001 20170803_untitled_0002 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-203 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-20520170802_untitled_0001 Hawaii_20170724_MPeterson-211

This was the last photo before I fell, my right foot hit a rock (dislocated my toe), and my camera swam in the ocean and experienced major water damage! I wish I had more time to go out in the water but I had to be thankful for the time I had. RIP my beloved Canon 5D Markii.


Chloe + Christian {Wedding}

THEY DID IT! Chloe + Christian are MARRIED!!! They said their vows in front of family and friends and threw a party! The shortest engagement EVER and they wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanking God for such a beautiful day and for the many hands and hearts that were involved in putting this wedding together. I was NOT the official photographer, y’all. This is just me clicking at things I saw as beautiful and being totally spontaneous. I was also being mindful of not getting into the photographer’s way so most of my shots were candid. And I only have a few of the ceremony because I didn’t move from my seat. :) This is my way of telling a story of my youngest daughter’s wedding. So thankful for the beautiful February weather in Vegas and for family and friends who came from all over to show love and support. Thankful most of all for God’s presence and His extravagant GRACE.
#Clotion #SayYesToSaygum

ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-20 20170219_untitled_0001-320170219_untitled_0002ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-15 20170219_untitled_0001-2 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-11 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-46ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-4520170219_untitled_0002-420170219_untitled_0002-3 20170219_untitled_0002-2 20170219_untitled_0001-4ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-3120170219_untitled_0001-6 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-51ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-5420170219_untitled_0001-5ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-58 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-57ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-59ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-6220170219_untitled_0003-2ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-67ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-66 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-71ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-8320170219_untitled_0001-19 20170219_untitled_0001-9 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-10220170219_untitled_0001-10 20170219_untitled_0002-5 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-122 20170219_untitled_0003-320170219_untitled_0001-1320170219_untitled_0001-11 20170219_untitled_0002-6 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-134 ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-14420170219_untitled_0001-1420170219_untitled_0001-15ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-18120170219_untitled_0001-17 20170219_untitled_0004ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-146ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-20220170219_untitled_0001-1620170219_untitled_0002-820170220_untitled_0001 20170219_untitled_000520170219_untitled_0001-1820170219_untitled_0001-2120170226_untitled_0001-2ChloeAndChristian_Wedding_MPeterson-142

“In marriage do thou be wise: prefer the person before money, virtue before beauty, the mind before the body; then thou has a wife, a friend, a companion, a second self.” ~ William Penn

Chloe + Christian {Engaged}

Since the Blog is my way of telling a story of what I see as beautiful and significant in the world, I wanted to put this up because my baby girl, Chloe, got engaged to her dream come true, Christian Sagum, a few moments before 11/13/2016…which is exactly one year since he asked her to be his girlfriend. They are such a match made in heaven and everyone we know is so excited for them! Grandma Lola said it best when she stated, “When it’s right, it’s right!” So IT IS! Wedding is set for a Friday in February 2017.
P.S. None of these pictures are mine. They were taken by someone else on an iPhone or I screenshot them from a video. :)


“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

Central Church {Henderson, NV}

Father’s Day 2016.
Central Christian Church in Henderson, Neveda.
Glimpses of Chloe and Christian ministering together.
I love this more than anything.
I thank God for His calling on their lives.
I don’t know what’s in the future, but I like what I’m seeing now.

20160619_MP_013920160619_MP_014020160619_MP_0101 20160619_MP_0113 20160619_MP_0114-220160619_MP_0124 20160619_MP_0143 20160619_MP_0150 20160619_MP_0148 20160619_MP_0152-2

To watch the whole Father’s Day service online: CLICK HERE




Central Church {Henderson, NV}

Church was fun today at Central Church in Henderson, NV! I love being able to say that church was FUN and impactful! Pastor Jud Wilhite delivered a great message about stepping out in faith from Joshua, chapter 3, and then he ended with an invitation for people to get baptized if they’ve never done it before. It was great seeing so many get up from their seats to get wet and to be forever identified with Jesus!  And worship was awesome as usual: seeing my girl, Chloe, sing and worship is everything to me!

20160417_MP_013520160417_MP_0103 20160417_MP_0104 20160417_MP_011620160417_MP_0159 20160418_MP_010020160417_MP_017020160417_MP_015220160417_MP_0157 20160417_MP_0183 20160417_MP_0175 20160417_MP_0193 20160417_MP_0192

To view the whole amazing service, GO HERE >>>  https://vimeo.com/163166722