Chloe + Christian {Engaged}

Hands down some of my favorite people on the planet to photograph! If only if they would give me more than 10 minutes every time we take pictures tho. :))) This is my youngest daughter, Chloe, and her future husband, Christian Sagum. Just a super short engagement session because it was cold, windy, and light was dropping quickly on this 28th day of December. But they obviously kept each other warm and the whole thing was very sweet. These two are having a super quick engagement and the wedding is just around the corner!

20170122_untitled_0001-3ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-1-3ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-14ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-17 20170122_untitled_0001ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-2520170122_untitled_0002 ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-32ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-48“I didn’t fall in love with you because I was lonely or lost. I fell in love with you because when I saw you for the first time, it was the only time that I have ever wanted to make someone a permanent part of my life, my world.” ~ David Doyle
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Armstrong {Family}

A job is never just a job when you do it with your whole heart. Year after year, these guys are being tucked away deeper in my heart and their images are more precious to me. I started photographing them when they were a family of three…and now that they grew to a family of five, getting together for portraits is such a JOY and celebration for me! Documenting your days when the children are this little means the world. This day was filled with magic and God’s favor that I cannot fully articulate…but the obvious things were the horses and beautiful gorgeous light! You have my heart, Armstrong Family! Love and Gratitude for allowing me to observe and freeze these precious but fleeting moments for you! xoxo

20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-12 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001-4 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-44 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001 20161031_Tepler_MP_0002 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-5020161031_Tepler_MP_0001-5 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-3620161031_Tepler_MP_0001-11 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-54 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001-3 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-40 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001-720161031_Tepler_MP_0001-6 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-65 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001-8 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-69 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-70 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001-9 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-75 20161031_Tepler_MP_0001-10 20161031_Tepler_MP_0002-3 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-76 20161008_Armstrong_MPeterson-77

Love your family. Spend time, be kind, and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short. ~ Anonymous


Canniff {Family}

It means everything to me that families hire me every year for portraits. This time it was extra special because they all showed up…it’s not just about the kids this year! :) What we had was the most beautiful Fall day and spectacular memories made together!

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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ~ Dr. Seuss