Lucy {Central Park NYC}

It’s a SPECIAL occasion when I get to shoot along another photographer!  This happened when I met up with AMBI with Aniville Daniel Photography!  We kicked it up a little bit and made our meeting place in CENTRAL PARK of NYC!  Ambi loves to photograph dancers and her model for the day was LUCY who was not only BEAUTIFUL, but amazingly GRACEFUL and FLAWLESS!  Thank you, Ambi, for your FRIENDSHIP and our time together was such a FUN, creative GIFT from ABOVE! :)

20140418_MP_0132 20140418_MP_0165-Edit 20140418_MP_0143 20140418_MP_0155 20140418_MP_0130 20140418_MP_013520140418_MP_0129 20140418_MP_0168 20140418_MP_0173 20140418_MP_0122

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.  ~ Vicki Baum