The Morton Arboretum {Winter}

We had snow, sleet, and rain last night in Chicago. The sun came out this morning and we  had the most gorgeous scenery at The Morton Arboretum. We basically had an ice show and it’s impossible to document the true beauty on camera. There are things in life that you’d have to experience to deeply understand. :)

MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0017 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0020 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0030 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0043MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0068 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0054MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0036 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0052 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0081MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0057MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0045 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0082 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0072 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0076MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0080

“May You find me GRATEFUL, God, wherever I set my feet.”


Goodbye Winter

Can’t believe I’m saying goodbye to winter! Thank God for the beautiful Morton Arboretum  where I walked almost every day. There’s nothing like nature. Learning to embrace the seasons and love each one fully. God does all things well.

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The pine stays green in winter…wisdom in hardship. ~ Norman Douglas


Winter Is Still Here in Chicago!

I can’t believe I’m bringing you snow and ice just a few days after the official day of spring, but this is Chicago and being unpredictable is what we’re all about! :) Too cold for my liking for this time of year, but it is so pretty.

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“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in.”