Lee Sargent

So glad God put actor Lee Sargent on my path! A fun fact is that we both are from Chicago (one town apart) and yet we worked together in Los Angeles. :) We had an amazing time and Lee seriously has a heart of gold! Wishing him the very best!

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“One of the things I like about acting is that, in a funny way, I come back to myself.” ~ Bill Murray


Tara Battani

Met Tara Battani for the first time and I couldn’t love her more. What a determined actress who truly loves the craft and has such a sweet and generous spirit. Working with people like Tara is why I love my job.

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“There are certain stars who are not actors. I don’t want to be that type.” – Natalie Wood


Olivia Heights

The sun, moon, and stars aligned and I got to work with Olivia Heights. This girl is so special that her joyful presence fills every room she walks in. Repped by manager Beverly Strong and Paradigm Talent Agency in Los Angeles, California.

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“Not all stars belong to the sky.”


Chloe Clark

Chloe Clark is truly a stunning subject in front of the camera! I had an amazing time meeting and working with this beautiful young lady!
Chloe is repped by UPMT Agency in Los Angeles, CA.

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“What dictates something as extraordinary is the depth in which you connect to it.” ~ Colin Farrell