The Manansala Family

I drove far for these guys, but this photo shoot was extremely important to me. Even before they arrived, I knew I would love this family! Giselle and Mark celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary the day before the shoot, and I think it is totally appropriate that we have these beautiful images to remember this important milestone. So here’s to celebrate Love and Family!

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“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”



Peyton Noel

What do you get when you combine a talented and gorgeous actress/singer with a fabulous location? You’d end up with STUNNING head shots and plenty of editorial photos for upcoming music projects ! :) And I managed to squeeze in a fabulous photo of mother & daughter too! Sneaky sneaky!

20160311_MP_010020160222_MP_0133-2-220160311_MP_0100-4 20160222_MP_0264-2 20160222_MP_0277-220160311_MP_0100-220160311_MP_0100-320160222_MP_0179-2-2 20160222_MP_0179-2 20160222_MP_0183-2 20160222_MP_0202-220160222_MP_0296-2 20160222_MP_0302-2 20160222_MP_0325-220160222_MP_0119 20160222_MP_0124 20160222_MP_0131 20160222_MP_013320160222_MP_0188 20160222_MP_0193 20160222_MP_0160 20160222_MP_0233 20160222_MP_0271 20160222_MP_0240 20160222_MP_024520160222_MP_0305 20160222_MP_0307-2

“Once you decide to follow your life purpose, you will only need to pack one thing…your heart.”


C H L O E {Nelson, Nevada}

It’s been so much fun photographing this daughter of mine in the desert this year!  I will look back to 2015 as the year where I added Las Vegas to my list of shooting destinations! This is our favorite place in Nevada: Nelson Ghost Town. Jewelry by: GypsyUnchained (Instagram)…love her work!

20150908_MP_0122 20150908_MP_013720150908_MP_011820150908_MP_018020150908_MP_0115-Edit20151228_MP_0100 20150908_MP_0204

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” ~ Matthew 5:8