Snow in Mid April!

Things that don’t go together are daffodils and crocuses in the snow!  I grabbed my camera and headed to The Morton Arboretum with my kids when it began to snow yesterday in the middle of April (4/14 to be exact).  It was actually really beautiful and refreshing.  I love these images.  There’s something really beautiful about fresh snow…we just didn’t expect it in April. Some of my favorite images EVER!

20140414_MP_0101 20140414_MP_0106 20140414_MP_0109 20140414_MP_0108 20140414_MP_0114 20140414_MP_0117 20140414_MP_0118 20140414_MP_0124 20140414_MP_0137 20140414_MP_0127 20140414_MP_0142 20140414_MP_0146 20140414_MP_0148 20140414_MP_0150 20140414_MP_0154 20140414_MP_0155 20140414_MP_0156 20140414_MP_0158 20140414_MP_0176 20140414_MP_0178 20140414_MP_0182 20140414_MP_0189

“Our seasons change; God remains the same.”