The Lo Family

Wonderful friends. Ben and Rachelle are extraordinary parents and all seven of their children are growing up in such a loving and supportive family.  How special that I got to spend the day with them.

20130524_MP_0237 20130524_MP_0292 20130524_MP_0316 20130524_MP_0239-Edit 20130524_MP_0249 20130524_MP_0346 20130524_MP_0355 20130524_MP_0358 20130524_MP_0366 20130524_MP_0353 20130524_MP_0361 20130524_MP_0308 20130524_MP_0260 20130524_MP_0322 20130524_MP_0334 20130524_MP_0335 20130524_MP_0300 20130524_MP_0114

And every once in awhile, I even get to be in a photo. :)

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