The Suzuki Twins

Probably one of the nicest notes I’ve received from a client, and I want to share it here so I will have it forever! :) I am beyond thankful for this family and cannot be more grateful that God brought them into my life. They make being a photographer FUN! :)

“We are truly blessed and honored to have met you, Maria. You are not only a great photographer but your patience working with Kate and Karen was an incredible sight to behold. In truth, these wonderful images that you have created and captured are just priceless to us and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives. Thank you! T&K”

20150816_MP_0114-220150816_MP_0104-2 20150816_MP_0109-220150816_MP_0126-2 20150816_MP_0174-2 20150816_MP_013020150816_MP_0261 20150816_MP_0211 20150816_MP_0142 20150816_MP_0253 20150822_MP_017020150822_MP_0211 20150822_MP_0273 20150824_MP_012620150827_MP_0100 20150822_MP_0259 20150822_MP_0251-4 20150822_MP_0251-3 20150822_MP_0291 20150822_MP_028320150824_MP_0120 20150824_MP_0116 20150824_MP_033920150824_MP_0161 20150824_MP_0189 20150828_MP_0100-2 20150824_MP_0294 20150824_MP_0309 20150824_MP_0326 20150824_MP_033220150828_MP_010020150824_MP_0393 20150824_MP_0401 20150824_MP_0424 20150824_MP_0412

Welcome to the World, KATE & KAREN!


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