Tomoko + Kenji {MalibuBeach | Maternity}

God has a wonderful way of bringing people together, and I thank Kana Y. for introducing Tomoko and Kenji to me! I am IN LOVE with these images and I hope so much I that I will be able to meet their TWIN GIRLS! :)

20150515_MP_0100 20150512_MP_014720150512_MP_0135 20150515_MP_0100 20150512_MP_0210 20150512_MP_020420150516_MP_010020150512_MP_0312 20150512_MP_038420150516_MP_0100-3 20150512_MP_0415 20150512_MP_0363 20150512_MP_042120150512_MP_034520150512_MP_0376 20150512_MP_037120150512_MP_036920150512_MP_043420150512_MP_0440 20150512_MP_0436 20150512_MP_044620150512_MP_0447

“Before you were born I loved you.”


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