Tower Garden {3 weeks}

How my tower garden has grown in three weeks!  My husband put in some extensions on the top and now we added 8 more plants…totaling 28! :)  Things are really growing with all the sun and heat we’ve been getting lately.  My first harvest was  yesterday when I needed just a little bit of parsley and cilantro for a beautiful garnish.  And I’ve been regularly tasting the arugula and kale. :)  Saw a few flowers on the taller tomato plant today too!  Love gardening where I don’t have to water or weed.

20140601_MP_0103-3 20140601_MP_0105-3 20140601_MP_0114-3 20140601_MP_0106-3 20140601_MP_0113-3 20140601_MP_0110-3 20140601_MP_0111-3 20140601_MP_0109-3 20140601_MP_0115-3 20140601_MP_0112-3 20140601_MP_0116-3


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