Winter {Danada Equestrian Center}

Today, 12/28/13, the weather in Chicago climbed to 47 degrees!  It felt so wonderful after weeks and weeks of frigid temps that I finally went for a walk at my favorite place and took a few photos.  As much as I dislike Winter here in Chicago, my heart gets a little excited when I anticipate the freeze being over and Spring will come in as a much needed friend.  I got a little crazy and even ran with no shoes in the snow.  Can’t explain why. :)  My little feet were documented at the end of this post! :)

20131228_MP_0128-2 20131228_MP_0121-2 20131228_MP_0102-2 20131228_MP_0100-2 20131228_MP_0106-2 20131228_MP_0108-2 20131228_MP_0119-2 20131228_MP_0129-2 20131228_MP_0112-2 20131228_MP_0114-2 20131228_MP_0131-2 20131228_MP_0132-2 20131228_MP_0137-2


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