Zamparo {Family}

 I loved every minute being with the Zamparo Family. I enjoy them a tiny bit more every time I get to see them. The icing on the cake this time was feeling like I made connections with Emma and Leo where they looked into my eyes when I talked to them and Leo gave me an unsolicited hug! Heart.Melted.


ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-220161115_untitled_0005 ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-23ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-29ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-4720161115_untitled_0001-3 20161115_untitled_0002 ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-41ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-5 ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-6ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-12ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-14 ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-19 ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-20 ZamparoFamily_20161019_MPeterson-4

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ~ Matthew 6:21


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