l i l y {six months}

I think six months is my favorite age to photograph babies.  By this age, they are chubby and their little personality is shining through.  I can’t think of a more beautiful baby than Lily…um, maybe it’s a tie with her twin brother, Liam. :)

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i shoot what i love.


Dylan Minnette – Actor

The movie, Prisoners, was #1 at the box office last weekend!  Go see it!  Dylan is in it and he plays the son of Hugh Jackman!  I’m beyond proud and happy for him!



i shoot what i love.


The Noble Family

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this precious family for years now.  They are so much fun and I look forward to each and every time I get to freeze moments for them.  Thankful for their friendship and sweet presence in my life.

NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-101 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-102 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-104 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-108 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-109 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-113 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-115 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-117 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-121 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-132 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-131 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-126-1 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-143-1 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-149-1 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-152-1 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-145-1 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-157 NobleFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-159

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