Seth Robert Dusky {Actor}

New photos of the talented, Seth Robert Dusky…who has been a booking machine this year!  It was WONDERFUL to work with Seth and meet up with him and his family in Laguna Beach, CA.  Love Seth’s new look and I can’t wait to see what’s in stored for his acting career in 2014.

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IMDB:  Seth Robert Dusky

Minnette {Family}

Meet one of my FAVORITE families: The MINNETTES!  Last time they took a professional family portrait, Dylan was only nine months old!!!  I’m ecstatic I got to work with them at my favorite O’Melveny Park in Granada Hills, CA.   These guys are super fun and down to earth…love them!


MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-119 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-120 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-121 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-124 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-110 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-108 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-113 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-131MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-129 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-135 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-139 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-142 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-144 MinnetteFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-145

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.” ~ Garth Brooks

i shoot what i love.


I have a feeling these guys will be friends of mine for a long long time. :)

SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-102 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-108 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-110 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-112 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-113 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-135 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-126 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-129 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-140 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-140-2 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-151 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-153 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-161 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-166 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-159 SYMEFamily_2013_MariaPeterson-155

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.” ~  Garth Brooks

i shoot what i love.