Anh Thu + Derek {Wedding}

Congratulations, ANH THU + DEREK! May the God who brought you two together will continue to grow you in your faith and love for each other. Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. I had a blast and couldn’t be happier for you!

20150321_MP_0146-220150331_MP_0102 20150321_MP_0155-2 20150331_MP_0100-3 20150321_MP_0282-2 20150331_MP_010020150321_MP_0179-2 20150331_MP_0101 20150321_MP_0228-2 20150321_MP_0229-2 20150321_MP_0356-220150331_MP_0100-420150321_MP_0300-2 20150331_MP_0101-2 20150331_MP_0102-2 20150321_MP_0325-2 20150321_MP_0316-220150331_MP_0100-620150321_MP_015920150321_MP_0150 20150321_MP_016820150321_MP_0148 20150321_MP_017320150321_MP_018820150321_MP_018020150321_MP_020820150321_MP_0222 20150321_MP_023020150321_MP_022920150321_MP_021320150321_MP_0186 20150321_MP_024820150321_MP_022520150321_MP_0251 20150321_MP_023720150321_MP_0244 20150321_MP_024720150321_MP_019920150321_MP_0253 20150321_MP_025520150321_MP_0255 20150321_MP_026420150321_MP_0269 20150321_MP_027220150321_MP_0274 20150401_MP_010020150321_MP_039020150321_MP_0559 20150321_MP_0638 20150321_MP_0648 20150321_MP_056520150321_MP_0626 20150321_MP_0620-2

And forever with you is how this will be…


Chloe + Eryn {Red Rock, Nevada}

These images are near and dear to my heart! I want to thank my daughter, Chloe, and her sweet friend, Eryn, for being such great models and helped fulfill a great need of mine to photograph the beauty of Red Rock Canyon! I see so much greatness in these young girls and I hope these images will serve as reminders when they can’t seem to see greatness in themselves. I’m seriously in love with these images…

20150306_MP_0253 20150327_MP_0100-3 20150306_MP_0226 20150327_MP_0100 20150306_MP_0215 20150326_MP_0100 20150306_MP_020320150306_MP_0171 20150306_MP_0103 20150306_MP_011220150328_MP_010020150306_MP_0153-2 20150306_MP_0151-220150327_MP_010020150306_MP_0139-220150306_MP_0141-220150306_MP_0119-2 20150306_MP_0118-220150306_MP_0160-220150306_MP_0167-2

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing. ~ Elie Wiesel


S A Y D E E {Bodega Bay, CA}

I love this California beauty like she is one of my daughters. I had an opportunity to visit Bodega Bay with Saydee and I will never forget the experience. I can search all of California and would never be able to find a girl more kind, compassionate, talented…and beautiful.IMG_6571IMG_6584 20150401_MP_0100

IMG_6518 IMG_651220150401_MP_0101IMG_6551IMG_6548 IMG_6535-2


K Y L I E {black+white}

I adore this little girl. From the first day we met, there was a strong connection between us and I can photograph her for days! :) Such a trendsetter in her sassy little boots, scarf, and leather jacket…

20150326_MP_0133 20150326_MP_0137 20150326_MP_015320150326_MP_0180-220150326_MP_0232 20150326_MP_0210 20150326_MP_0142

“An honest person is always a child.” ~ Socrates


Winter Is Still Here in Chicago!

I can’t believe I’m bringing you snow and ice just a few days after the official day of spring, but this is Chicago and being unpredictable is what we’re all about! :) Too cold for my liking for this time of year, but it is so pretty.

20150323_MP_0103 20150323_MP_010520150323_MP_010620150323_MP_0123 20150323_MP_0122 20150323_MP_0133 20150323_MP_0132 20150323_MP_0119 20150323_MP_011720150323_MP_0146 20150323_MP_0136 20150323_MP_0139 20150323_MP_0145 20150323_MP_0144 20150323_MP_0138

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in.”