Nikki {Maternity}

This is perhaps the most unique and BOLD maternity shoot I’ve ever done. It’s not that I went out to do it that way, but given the storm that came in out of nowhere, and the trust level I had with my client…we had FUN and I just went for it! The storm came so quickly and cleared the whole beach so it worked to our advantage. :) This will probably be Nikki’s last baby, and we really wanted to capture her beautiful baby bump in all its glory! So here’s my way of telling a story…about five minutes before the storm…and then the calm, cool, and glisten of the water and everything after a good rain! Congratulations, Nikki…you are beyond beautiful and your baby girl will look back on these photos someday and will simply be AMAZED!

NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-105 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-103NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-117 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-109 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-12220150924_MP_0100 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-128 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-151-2 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-146NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-16020150924_MP_0100-2NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-167NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-183 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-184NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-186 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-205NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-137NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-200 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-201NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-204-2 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-199NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-215 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-212 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-210 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-211 NikkiBachmanMaternity_2015_MPeterson-222

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections…

All of Me / Song&Lyrics / John Legend


Lexie {Wings}

For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well…

Psalm 139:13-14


Oh how I love this image!

Lexie at 20 days…



L E X I E {Newborn}

This little precious waited for longer than she had to for me to come home from traveling and take her newborn photos. I broke it up in several sessions. Here she is 18 days old, first time in front of my camera, and still a newborn. This first session was more like a lifestyle where I wanted to capture how small she is…how much her mama loves her…and how much her big brother adores her!AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-122

AlexisSanew_2015_MPeterson-105AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-160 AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-172 AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-182AlexisSanew_2015_18days_MPeterson-127

There is nothing that compares to a love of a Mom for her newborn. Nothing.