Canniff {Family}

It means everything to me that families hire me every year for portraits. This time it was extra special because they all showed up…it’s not just about the kids this year! :) What we had was the most beautiful Fall day and spectacular memories made together!

20151125_MP_0104 20151025_MP_0238 20151025_MP_025020151025_MP_0171 20151025_MP_0278 20151025_MP_028920151025_MP_018820151125_MP_010320151125_MP_010020151125_MP_0102 20151025_MP_015120151025_MP_0334 20151025_MP_0355

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ~ Dr. Seuss


Niedle {Family}

This is Adrian’s one-year photo shoot. We were supposed to be at the ocean but we couldn’t make it work with nap time, distance, etc… I feel like a magician today with these photos because no one can tell that Adrian is not quite himself due to NO nap (he couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep) and basically was very antsy and sensitive. I will just keep the melting down photos for his parents to enjoy. :) This location was very last minute and I thank God for it because it brought out Adrian’s happy and artistic side! I mean, how can you not be happy with a giant teddy bear and guitar?!

20151110_MP_0156 20151110_MP_0162 20151110_MP_0173 20151110_MP_019120151121_MP_0100-220151110_MP_0285 20151121_MP_0100-320151110_MP_0252 20151110_MP_0255 20151110_MP_0248 20151110_MP_024920151110_MP_0114 20151121_MP_0100-420151110_MP_030620151110_MP_0196

I adore this precious family!


Matthew Pablico

Happiness is doing a quick photo shoot with someone that I love and admire…in a setting that’s entirely different than Chicago! :)

20151113_MP_0113 20151113_MP_0114 20151113_MP_0126 20151113_MP_0100 20151118_MP_010020151114_MP_0100 20151113_MP_0104 20151113_MP_011020151119_MP_0100 20151113_MP_0150 20151113_MP_0166 20151113_MP_016720151117_MP_0100 20151113_MP_0130

“It’s not important how long you live, but rather how you live.” ~ Unknown


Alejos {Family}

October is my favorite month of the year to shoot and the Alejos Family grabbed my very last booking before I headed to California. They are so blessed to have had these colors and luscious light!

20151030_MP_0290-220151030_MP_020520151030_MP_0401 20151030_MP_017920151030_MP_0178 20151030_MP_0148 20151030_MP_0153-2 20151030_MP_0267 20151030_MP_026920151030_MP_028320151030_MP_0248 20151030_MP_0340 20151030_MP_0332 20151030_MP_0256-220151030_MP_0436 20151030_MP_0125-3 20151030_MP_0170-2

Picture Perfect!