Montreal {Canada}

This is my first blog post for 2018 and it’s a personal one. Not sure what my photography will look like this year, but I’m intending to slow down and shoot more for my pleasure and travel to as many places in the WORLD as the Lord would allow. :) Took my first trip ever to Montreal with my girls, Breanna and Chloe, and it was beyond great! It was bitterly cold but we walked miles and miles and found places for the best croissants, coffee, hot chocolate…and most importantly, we ate at DA EMMA! Best restaurant ever! The best part ¬†was that my girls INVITED ME to join them on their little adventure before baby Duke Sagum enters the world mid May! What mother would not have their heart exploded when their adult kids want them around? Thanks for the love and generosity, Brea and Chloe…it meant the world to me and these memories will stay in my heart forever!
P.S. This is also my first international trip since Budapest, Hungary in 2016 and I brought my Canon 5d Mark II and shot all these images with the 40mm 2.8 lens for safety and simplicity since we were on A LOT of ice most of the time. I improvised and it was a smart move. :)

Montreal_20180124_MPeterson-13 20180131_untitled_0002-2Montreal_20180124_MPeterson-2 20180131_untitled_0003-220180131_untitled_0004-2Montreal_20180124_MPeterson-22Montreal_20180124_MPeterson-5320180131_untitled_0001-2Montreal_20180124_MPeterson-17Montreal_20180124_MPeterson-19 Montreal_20180125_MPeterson-6 Montreal_20180125_MPeterson-7Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-5Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-2 Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-120180131_untitled_0003 Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-3Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-1520180131_untitled_0002 Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-1420180131_untitled_0004 Montreal_20180126_MPeterson-11

“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen


Toronto {Canada)

2018 is the year where I will go to as many new cities in the world as God will allow. First up, Toronto, Canada! And this is the CN Tower in the heart of the city.


“Travel brings power and love back into your life. ” – Rumi