Finally, VIETNAM. Out of all the trips I’ve made in 2018 and 2019, this one was the most significant…I went deeper and farther. Many surprises along the way and unexpected tears too. Looking back…going back to Vietnam after forty five years, without my mom, and to all new territories…was truly setting myself up for a lot of stress. But I’m proud of myself that I survived and a bunch of questions were answered. Most of all, God was with me and I felt HIs hand. I am so speechless every day for His provisions and how He guides my life. With God, ALL things are possible. I pray I continue to be a living example of His goodness and extravagant care.
Locations: Hoi An, Da Lat, and Da Nang.

Vietnam_20190403_MariaPeterson0002 20200106_untitled_0319 Vietnam_20190403_MariaPeterson0009Vietnam_20190403_MariaPeterson0017 20200106_untitled_0320Vietnam_20190403_MariaPeterson0013 Vietnam_20190407_MariaPeterson0037-120200107_untitled_031920190405_MP_0031Vietnam_20190407_MariaPeterson0054 20200107_untitled_0320-220200107_untitled_0320 20200107_untitled_0319-3 Vietnam_20190407_MariaPeterson0083 Vietnam_20190407_MariaPeterson0092Vietnam_20190407_MariaPeterson0089 20200107_untitled_0319-4Vietnam_20190407_MariaPeterson009820200112_untitled_0319 20200112_untitled_0320 Vietnam_20190408_MariaPeterson0048Vietnam_20190408_MariaPeterson004320200112_untitled_0319-220200112_untitled_0319-3 Vietnam_20190408_MariaPeterson0065 Vietnam_20190408_MariaPeterson0074Vietnam_20190408_MariaPeterson0061Vietnam_20190409_MariaPeterson000520200112_untitled_0320-2 20200112_untitled_0319-4Vietnam_201904010_MariaPeterson0001 Vietnam_201904010_MariaPeterson0020 20200112_untitled_0319-5Vietnam_201904010_MariaPeterson0023Vietnam_201904010_MariaPeterson0013

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.” – Rumi


Munich, Germany

To live will be an awfully big adventure. :)
The travel bug bit me and I found myself in Munich, Germany.
Locations: The Feldherrnhalle monument at the Odeonsplatz, Asamkirche, and Marienplatz.

Germany_20191214_MPeterson0058 20191228_untitled_0320 Germany_20191214_MPeterson0070 20191228_untitled_0321 20191228_untitled_0322 Germany_20191214_MPeterson004520191228_untitled_0319-3Germany_20191214_MPeterson0089Germany_20191214_MPeterson003720191228_untitled_0319-2 Germany_20191214_MPeterson0073Germany_20191214_MPeterson0076 Germany_20191214_MPeterson0079Germany_20191214_MPeterson001220191228_untitled_0319-4
Germany_20191214_MPeterson0015Germany_20191214_MPeterson0027 20191228_untitled_0319Germany_20191214_MPeterson0095Germany_20191214_MPeterson0031Germany_20191214_MPeterson0096

Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, & look beyond what’s right in front of you.
Those are the keys to understand this amazing world we live in.
- Andrew Zimmern -


ALASKA {2019}

ALASKA. Truly the last frontier.
And HOMER has my heart.

Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0043 Alaska_20190905_MariaPeterson001620191220_untitled_0319-2Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0037Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0049 20191220_untitled_0320-2 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0032 20191220_untitled_0322 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0063 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0008 Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson0011Alaska_20190906_MariaPeterson000620191220_untitled_032020191220_untitled_0319Alaska_20190907_MPeterson0058 20191220_untitled_0319-3 Alaska_20190908_MPeterson0024

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.”
- Gustav Flaubert -



Paris, France

I ended my trip in France with spending the day in Paris. I learned the public transportation and got myself to the Eiffel Tower and later to the Notre Dame Cathedral…which is now closed and under construction. But while I was near the Eiffel Tower, I made a game at taking photos of the couples who were getting married that day. :) I didn’t expect to see this at all, but couples were all over the place that I couldn’t help myself since I had my equipment on me. I was being discreet taking these pictures and giggled the whole time. I find being a photographer for these couples in such a public place super stressful so maybe that’s why I was so happy because it wasn’t me! Lol  So now I can brag and say that I photographed six wedding couples in one day!!! :)  After all, Paris is the city of love!
Thank you, France…you are so magical and I’ll be back!

20191116_MP_0101-4 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0044 20191116_MP_0102 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0019 20191116_MP_0101-3 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0025 20191116_MP_0101 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0030 20191116_MP_0101-5 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson003220191116_MP_0102-2 Paris_20190623_MariaPeterson0010

What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second, their imagination, and third, their industry.
- Salman Rushdie -