Allie Dahlgren {Senior}

I lost my head and took way too many photos of Allie for her senior session!  But can you blame me? :)  We wandered all around downtown Glen Ellyn, so if you are somewhat familiar with Glen Ellyn, you will be able to spot all these places!  I had an amazing time with Allie and the weather in July was unusually mild and perfect.  Without further ado, here’s Allie!  Glenbard West class of 2015!

P.S.  If you are at a home game at Glenbard West this year, WATCH for Allie on the dance team/POM squad! :)

IMG_2922 IMG_2926 IMG_2933-Edit IMG_2982 IMG_3045-Edit IMG_3042 IMG_3027 allie2IMG_3282 IMG_3287IMG_3293IMG_3235 IMG_3243 IMG_3256alliedalgren1 IMG_3300 IMG_3314 IMG_3317 allie3 IMG_3471 IMG_3466 IMG_3462 IMG_3409

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