g i a n n a {n e w b o r n}

Baby Gianna has the longest and most delicate lashes I’ve seen on a newborn. ┬áLovely.

EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-128-1 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-123 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-137 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-139 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-146-1-Edit EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-150 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-149 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-153-1 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-160 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-167-1 EshoGiannaNewborn_2013_MariaPeterson-163

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”


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