Kimberly + David

Kimberly and David went ahead and did it! They ELOPED and surprised almost everybody! Love these guys and they made me think that eloping might be my thing! I mean, how do you beat making the most important things simple and going after your heart? And on a personal note, the day was terribly overcast, but looking at these photos, there’s so much life and COLOR…which is what Kimberly wanted! We even had rain at the end, but it didn’t matter. Kimberly and David managed to finish their first dance and we all sat and ate more cake under two umbrellas. I know these guys don’t know me well, but this day had my name written all over it! :) Proof that I had fun? I asked for a second slice of the wedding cake!!

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So sweet! I can’t handle it! Congratulations to Kimberly and David! You guys make a good team. Your sweetness, thoughtfulness, and kindness are ingredients that will nurture your hearts and marriage for a lifetime. Adore you both!


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  1. Grandma Newton sends her love and wishes you many, many years of happiness. Kimberly, I enjoyed seeing you and meeting your now husband at Amy’s.

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