I love you, Maria. Your pictures are amazing and you are the only photographer I have used multiple times!
Robyn Minnette
Maria! I have been meaning to email you because I wanted to tell you how wonderful our experience was with you. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed it and what a pleasure it was to work with you. I came into the session with no expectations and just hoping for just ONE great family shot at the least. Needless to say, just based on what you have posted, I am so pleased and thoroughly excited to see the final product. You are amazing in what you do and my other experiences with photo sessions just cannot compare. I am so thankful for your artistic eye and gentle way with the kids. Kevin and I just cant stop talking about what a great experience we had as we anxiously await the pictures. Thank you again for sharing your artistic and spiritual gift with us. From the bottom of my heart!
Vicki Dickson
Maria, with your ANOINTING for photography, I would gladly recommend you to ANYONE!
Pastor Alex Michel
I had a chance to look at your page. I am friends with a few photographers, and have had the chance to look at quite a few portraits. It is not often that I come across ones that portray a person’s inner light, as I’ve seen with yours. To be able to do that, photography must be your true calling, and from one artist to another it would be an honor to have portraits taken with you!
Rob Cooney
Your work is absolutely beautiful…and the love you have for the people in your life is a special gift that you possess!!!!
Helen Jaros-Kozak
I am amazed by your photos!!! These are the best photos Ellen has ever had taken. I will recommend you to everyone! You are a blessing.
Stacia Marlow
I have no words! Every year you amaze me with your professionalism and talent.I am so grateful to have such beautiful images of my family to cherish for years to come. Thank you for spending the afternoon with us. We love you so very much!
Jenny Wilson
Words cannot express how thankful I am for your photos. You are the greatest photographer I have ever shot with. You got more out of me in one photo than I ever could for an entire set.
Angelo Molineri
Just received an email to view an album of pictures of our daughter Christina by Maria Peterson. I am blown away at such magnificent work! Thank you for the love and care you put into these pictures.
Elsa Carstens
Hi Maria! I don't know how I'm going to pick the one headshot! Although I do have a few favorites, just like you said I would. These are beautiful!!! You captured Mallory to a tee! LOVE THEM! You Rock!
Kim Pennino
The pictures are the best we've ever had. Thanks so much!
Noemi Martinez
Maria, you capture with your camera what poets do with words.
Caroline Seunghee Hong Roberts
Maria Peterson Photography, y'all! So grateful for this amazing woman and her incredible talent! I finally love my head shots! Third time is a charm. If you need new headshots done, or even wedding photos or family portraits, or any type of photos, call Maria. She is a special soul.
Bonnie Efird
Words can’t express my gratitude for your beautiful gift. I am in awe of your talent for capturing the beauty and true essence of the spirit of those you are photographing. The photos on the beautiful canvases evoke an emotion deep inside of me not only for their beauty but for the time they were taken as I was preparing for the transition of letting go of Saydee as she prepared to leave for college. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Lisa Rosenburg
Maria, you make the process simple…calm…magical…you have two boys who can not wait until the next time.
Lori Ann Gerdisch
Weddings seem like they would be your cup of tea, Maria. I don’t mean to put anyone else down but you are so far ahead of so many photographers, you just have such talent for really capturing the personality of a person through your images. It continues to amaze me.
Zachary Gibson
This made my day! Maria I am speechless! I am so blessed to have these pictures. I can’t thank you enough for capturing the beauty of our love so perfectly!
Gema Ortiz
Maria, I so love coming to your page to see the beautiful work you do. Without a doubt you have been blessed by God with your amazing talent of capturing emotion evoking pictures. Thank you for sharing and know that you are inspiring not only for the images, but the glory you give to Him.
Heidi Blakely
Hi Maria ~ Just wanted to let you know that one of my best friends, who runs a management company here in Los Angeles, loved Melody's new headshots so much she wanted all of your info to send to her clients. I gave her your website and hopefully you'll be getting lots of calls very soon!! We are so happy with the reaction to Melody's photos. Notice a definite increase in auditions....Thanks to you!!!
Dawn Hollis
Maria...So many ideas come to mind if I were to help you with a "promo reel". The way you bless people on Facebook, seeing how you interact with your clients is more like treating them as family. I know you love your family and that needs to come across too. You can rebrand your logo, website all day long but you already have a brand that shines! And, I know it is because of Jesus! I can't imagine how much more opportunity could open up to you but if potential clients got a sense of your personality, heart, and quality behind the scenes...I believe the desire to call and inquire would almost be instant.
Rick Quevedo
Maria! That photo just brought tears to my eyes...it surpassed my expectations and I am so grateful that I will have this as a record of carrying our first child. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Alissa Plungis
Maria, Stephen and I just spent the last hour down memory lane. You did such a great job with the photos. Stephen and I are convinced that you are the best!
Curcinda + Stephen Young
Everyone in life should have the utter privilege of having amazing pictures like these taken. These are so sweet – it makes my heart happy looking at them. PRECIOUS!!
Wendi Green
You’ve made your dream a reality and its been so fun watching you grow and flourish so quickly, truly an inspiration to all us moms.
Amita Sachdev
Oohhhhhhh Maria - I have no words for you! The pics are so amazing and as I predicted, I cried and cried tears of joy. You captured a million feelings in those shots and it is so heartwarming to look back at them and reflect on the time that went so fast and was such a blur for all of us. Thank you for all of it!!! I can't wait to continue documenting life with the twins with you. I feel so lucky!!
Lynette Heighway Christenson
Maria - You are definitely on my list of goto photographers. I really LOVE what you brought out in Austin.
Tash Moseley/Tash Moseley Management
I was thinking today that two of the most precious times in our lives, are when we get married and when we have babies. I cannot think of a more perfect person to capture those moments than you, Maria. I think you have truly found your calling, and what a wonderful calling it is.
Lisa Lauten Baumann
I just adore your pictures sooo much! I cannot wait to cover my walls with prints! Thank you for taking them and allowing Nick and me to waltz into your life! I've grown to love you not just as a photographer, but as a friend. :) Thank you for EVERYTHING.
Taylor Rhoades
You know I have always been obsessed with your work....always the soul of the client and the photographer comes through!
Ambi Daniel
Hi there. :) Just wanted to say thank you again for the incredible work that you did today. My love language is words of encouragement, so working with you makes me feel so loved and special. God has given you amazing talents, and it is SO encouraging and such a blessing to see how you use those all for the Lord. Your humility is beautiful and inspiring. <3 I pray God will lead us on another adventure again sometime! I really, really enjoy working with you. :) Love!!
I can't thank you enough for what wonderful job you did. How special and beautiful you've made Natalie feel. You truly have a incredible gift from God, not only in your gifted photography but also in the way you continually blessed her with encouragement as you took the photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Cheryl Duncan