L O T T I E {3 Months}

Been documenting baby Lottie since the day she came into the world. This is my fifth time seeing her and I have to tell you that the personality finally came out. She basically stole my heart by SMILING at me. Big smiles. Intentional smiles. These are some images of a quick lifestyle shoot of Lottie at three months. Such a precious little baby and her big brother is a cutie too!Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-21Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-28 Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-30 Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-31 Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-22 Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-45 Lottie3mos_2017_MPeterson-40

Life is a gift, given in trust…like a child. ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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