L O T T I E {4 Months}

What a lovebug…this little Lottie at four months! The RED is definitely coming out of her hair! :)
Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-13 Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-10 Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-23Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-18 Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-43 Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-44 Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-37Lottie4Mos_20170329)_MPeterson-33“We are the windows through which our children first see the world. Let us be conscious of the view.” – Katrina Kenison


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