The Means Family

I traveled far for these guys.  They mean a lot to me.

means1IMG_5806 IMG_5812 IMG_5817 IMG_5816 IMG_5845 IMG_5856IMG_6024 IMG_5999 IMG_5952 IMG_5950IMG_5959 IMG_5962 IMG_5965 IMG_5988 IMG_5919 IMG_5945 IMG_5948 IMG_5916 IMG_6041 IMG_5870means2 IMG_5904 IMG_5894IMG_5882IMG_5878

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.” ¬†~ Garth Brooks

One thought on “The Means Family

  1. PL, thx for the pics. It’s great to see you & your family. Can’t believe what a young lady your oldest is turning out to be. How are you doing? You’re looking great. You remind me of a young lady I was dating at one time while I was divorced. I think about you often & prayer for you everyday even though I’m not a good communicator. Love you, Jack

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