Tomoko+Kenji {Maternity}

We originally scheduled Tomoko+Kenji’s maternity photo session for Malibu beach at sunset, but the weather did not cooperate, so we did it at their house. I know it’s hard to beat the beach at sunset, but I have to say it was God because their session turned out more amazing than I imagined because we were able to include their beloved dog and the beautiful scenery around their property. It was a perfect day and I made the most beautiful and kind new friends. :) It was such a joy to photograph the two of them because they were so happy and had big smiles the whole time. I love my job.

20150507_MP_0103 20150507_MP_0117 20150507_MP_0113 20150507_MP_0125 20150507_MP_0131 20150524_MP_0100-5 20150507_MP_0272 20150507_MP_0271 20150507_MP_0359 20150524_MP_0100-4 20150507_MP_0410 20150507_MP_0345 20150507_MP_0356 20150507_MP_0311 20150507_MP_0318 20150524_MP_0100-6 20150524_MP_0101 20150507_MP_0431

“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.”


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