\\This was captured at an orchard at a camping site.//

“Dragon fruit cactus is a night blooming plant and the flowers last only one evening.

If you want to see the spectacular display,

head out with a flashlight in the dark of night, or visit your garden very early in the morning.”

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Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.


PAIA, Hawaii

When in Maui, Mama’s Fish House is top on my list. Food is so delicious and the place is a piece of heaven on earth. To say that I feel like the luckiest person is an understatement. I got to eat here without a reservation. If you know, you know. ;)

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“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”


HANA, Hawaii

Road to Hana >> 620 curves and turns, 54 single lane bridges, best banana bread,

huli-huli chicken, black sand beach, swimming in a waterfall, and coconut ice cream.

Trip of a lifetime. Worth it.

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Stop saying you’ll do things someday. Do it now when you still have life in you.


Maui, Hawaii

When you love your wedding dress SO MUCH that you take it on your honeymoon!!! :)
Christina’s dress was made and designed by Made with Love Bridal. They are an Austrian based company and work with clients worldwide. I’m obsessed with how comfortable this dress is for Christina and it fits her like a glove. And she literally rolled it up in a suitcase and look at how great it looks on her! Just amazing. I love this girl so much.


“In my sky at twilight,
you are like a cloud
and your form
and color
are the way
I love them.”
~ Pablo Neruda ~


Oahu, Hawaii

I feel most alive when I travel. This is my fourth time to the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
I love this little spot on the North Shore…

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Go measure the heavens with your span;
go weigh the mountains in the scales;
go take the ocean’s water and calculate each drop;
go count the sand upon the sea’s wide shore;
and when you have accomplished all of this,
then you can tell how much He loves you!
He has loved you long.
He has loved you well.
He will love you forever.
\\C.H. Spurgeon//