Central Church {Henderson, NV}

On Sunday, February 28th, 2016, I was at Central Christian in Henderson, NV for a service. It came as a surprise that I saw so many people getting baptized after the service. Pastor Jud Wilhite extended an invitation for baptism and people followed. I loved how this church made it easy for people to take this next step in their faith. About 280 people got baptized over all their campuses in one weekend so I praise the Lord for that! I saw young people getting baptized…older people getting baptized…whole families!!!  I even saw a woman with an electronic ankle bracelet getting baptized. It was a really neat experience, and if you would scroll down all the way to the end, I had a few members of my own family that got involved too! :)

If you are in Las Vegas and want to visit CENTRAL CHURCH, I highly recommend it. Or you can watch them online too! I really admire the way they make it easy for people to grow in their faith.

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The last four black and white photos are of my son being baptized! Congratulations to my Seth. And the cool part was that his sister, Chloe, baptized him! What a crazy and wonderful Sunday! It was so unexpected. God sure has a sense of humor!




There’s nothing in this world that compares to all You are. / Close / Lyrics / Hillsong Young & Free.

My baby girl, Chloe, led worship today. So amazing to see her using her gift to serve the King!


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Central Christian Church, Henderson, Nevada

17:35 >>> http://www.centralonline.tv/media/subpage/?sid=54&mid=172&vs=full



Ashley Greene

 It’s a wrap for another amazing photo session for Ashley Greene! I have nothing but the greatest confidence for a fruitful and thriving career in modeling and acting for this beautiful young person! Honestly love taking and editing her photos!

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“For the true artist, there is no trivial thing.”


Tyler Ross

I loved this photo session working with actor, Tyler Ross! I truly appreciate repeat clients because they show up with an automatic level of trust and comfort.  And for this Chicago-based photographer, I was more than happy working with Tyler in Vegas…in February…and our day/location couldn’t have been more perfect!

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“Acting is magical.  Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone.”