Dickson {Family}

Oh how marvelous it is to be a portrait photographer when I get to work with such wonderful families like these guys!  When I put up a blog post, it’s my way of telling a story.  I love how slightly tentative everybody is with me at the beginning of the session and then they get more and more comfortable…almost forgetting about the camera and didn’t mind me sharing their intimate and quiet space.  Makes my heart happy.

Dickson_2014_MPeterson-117Dickson_2014_MPeterson-114Dickson_2014_MPeterson-10120141027_MP_0100 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-111Dickson_2014_MPeterson-127 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-123 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-125Dickson_2014_MPeterson-149 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-146 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-141 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-137 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-133Dickson_2014_MPeterson-165Dickson_2014_MPeterson-162 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-158 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-16720141027_MP_0101 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-19120141027_MP_0100-2 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-200 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-203-Edit Dickson_2014_MPeterson-225 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-217 Dickson_2014_MPeterson-216

To be loved is to have everything.

Maria Peterson Photography

Armstrong Family

Nothing is better than having friends that you care deeply about.  These guys came all the way from the city for their portrait session…third year in a row!  I know how hard it is to plan for a photo shoot with small children and driving the distance…so I appreciate so much that they set aside precious time to do this.  They totally rocked it!  The children are bright, inquisitive, and honest with their feelings…I love that.  Really happy with how the photos turned out!  Enjoy!!


20140924_MP_0207 20140924_MP_0209 wilson2 20140924_MP_0201 20140924_MP_0216 20140924_MP_0215wilson1 20140924_MP_0153 20140924_MP_015420140924_MP_0240 20140924_MP_0250 20140924_MP_0254 20140924_MP_0285 20140924_MP_0293 20140924_MP_030220140924_MP_0316 20140924_MP_033020140924_MP_032420140924_MP_0335 20140924_MP_0353 wilson3 20140924_MP_035620140924_MP_0334 20140924_MP_0424

Eeeeeeek!  The children  are climbing the fence!  This is a sure sign that they are ALL DONE! :)