Armstrong {Family}

A job is never just a job when you do it with your whole heart. Year after year, these guys are being tucked away deeper in my heart and their images are more precious to me. I started photographing them when they were a family of three…and now that they grew to a family of five, getting together for portraits is such a JOY and celebration for me! Documenting your days when the children are this little means the world. This day was filled with magic and God’s favor that I cannot fully articulate…but the obvious things were the horses and beautiful gorgeous light! You have my heart, Armstrong Family! Love and Gratitude for allowing me to observe and freeze these precious but fleeting moments for you! xoxo

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Love your family. Spend time, be kind, and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short. ~ Anonymous


Tiffany Pyle

Oh Tiffany…you are a natural beauty in every way! Thank you for choosing me to document your beautiful face and spirit for your Golden Birthday! :)

20161006_MP_0140 20161006_MP_0161 20161024_MP_0001-420161006_MP_017220161006_MP_0076 20161027_untitled_0001 20161006_MP_0100 20161006_MP_0235 20161024_MP_0001-220161024_MP_0001-3 20161006_MP_020920161024_MP_000120161006_MP_0246 20161024_MP_0002 20161006_MP_0311

It started to rain lightly at the end of our session, and it was a perfect ending to a perfect session…because we had a little bit of everything! It was a Blast! :)


Ashlee + Lou {Wedding}

2016 will be etched in my memory as the year where God blessed me with the most amazing clients…and Lou & Ashlee are among them! From our very first meeting, to this very day, they have been the sweetest, most patient, humble, and appreciative human beings! I am beyond blessed to be chosen as their wedding photographer! Lou and Ashlee…here is your story I’ve been working on!  I hope going through these photos will always bring back the most honest and joyful feelings from your wedding day! You two are perfectly matched from heaven and I hope you know how thankful I am that you are in my life…first as clients…and now as loyal friends. Enjoy! xoxo

Venue: Riverside Golf Club (18th Hole), Riverside, IL

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Why would you want to marry me for, anyhow?
So I can kiss you anytime I want.


Lexie {One}

Lexie has been WELL documented by me! Even before she was born, I did maternity portraits with her mom twice… once at The Morton Arboretum on a rainy day, and the second time at beautiful sunset at Herrick Lake near the water! We did gorgeous newborn photos of her at about 10 days old, six months, and this makes one year! WHEW! As a baby, Lexie was an easy going baby who loved to be held and would go to about anybody, but being a baby of four children, her personality is evolving into this super independent and spunky little one who will not back down; some of her siblings call her “the monster”! Imagine that! LOL Well, I love her and she cracks me up…especially when she acts a little naughty. This is probably one of the most profound blog post I have ever done showing us the delicate stage Lexie is between crawling and walking…and I’m super impressed with myself that I was able to capture the true personality of Lexie being all over the place where she goes from laughing to crying in one second! :) The true making of an actress if you ask me! Super dramatic, super cute…and FULL OF LOVE!

20161017_untitled_0001LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-28 LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-2020161018_untitled_0001-13 LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-44 20161018_untitled_0001 LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-4820161018_untitled_0001-2 LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-71 20161018_untitled_0001-3LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-75 LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-7920161018_untitled_0001-820161018_untitled_0001-6LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-119 LexieSanew_20160819_MPeterson-122

When fake crying is SO ADORABLE! And I love how sisters are not one bit concerned…like they are amused with her tears! Happy Birthday, Lexie girl! We LOVE you!


JT Gollinger

Piercing blue eyes and the sweetest personality. :) Congratulations to JT for booking lots of print work and one commercial since his last photo session with me! :) Here’s to lots more fun adventures and opportunities! JT is repped by Stewart Talent Agency in Chicago.

20161013_untitled_0002 20161013_untitled_0001 20160911_JTGollinger_MariaPeterson-115 20161013_untitled_000220161013_untitled_0001 20160911_untitled_0034-2 20161013_untitled_000220161013_untitled_0001-220160911_JTGollinger_MariaPeterson-138 20161013_untitled_0001-420161013_untitled_0002-2 20160911_JTGollinger_MariaPeterson-148

“Acting is magical.  Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone.”